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Hardware Maintenance Agreements include:

  • Full on-site repair/replacement service for generic IBM-compatible PC's, including attempts to recover the system to allow immediate work resumption.
  • Monitoring and maintenance of Ethernet Networks using reputable Hub/Concentrators and components and "sniffing" tools and software.
  • Preventive Maintenance programs, backup/recovery procedure development for all PC and Network users, and other problem prevention initiatives.
  • Target 2 hour response 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, with emergency after-hours and weekend service as necessary, as part of our normal Agreements.


Software Maintenance Agreements include:

  • Initial installation of new Operating Systems, Network Operating Systems, agreed-upon "Standard Software" and preparation of new computers
  • Knowledgeable on-call Help-desk service for "Standard Software" such as Lotus 1-2-3; WordPerfect ; Microsoft Word ; MS Windows/9x,3.1,/NT,2000 & XP!; Photoshop; MS Excel; Information Builders' FOCUS; Paradox; Microsoft Access; Netscape and Microsoft IE browsers and others.
  • Assistance with Internet access including routing, TCP/IP, DSL and even Dial-up.

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